Is this site related with Digital Extremes?

Nope, this site is made by 42bytes (fans of warframe).
We are not associated with Digital Extremes, and merely made this site to make trading easier.
Please do not contact DE’s support with inquiries about this site. If you have questions\problems, contact us by mail:

How I can get in touch with your support?

Just write us a mail:

How to use this service?

1) If you wish to look through some orders just use the search function on the home page and contact the buyer/seller.
2) If you want to place an order, you must be registered on our site. We have 2 options:

  • Registration through Steam Login. (Using Steam OpenID Provider, you can read about it Here)
  • Registration by our standalone system (See below).

After registration and verefication of your ingame name, you can place order.
Don’t forget to update your in-game online status - use the switcher on the bottom of the home page.
Other users will see your status, and if you’re online they can contact you directly via an in-game Private Message.

Why do you need to verify my in-game name?

We don't want to see fake accounts and fake orders on our site. It would create a
bad experience for everyone. We apologize if it means a few more minutes of setting
up before you can trade, but this is a necessary procedure.

How will you use my mail?

Now - only for login purposes. You won’t receive any letters from us.
If we’ll introduce some sort of email notifications in the future, we’ll let you know in
advance and provide and option to enable\disable the new features.

What type of information will your service know about me?

  • If you use our standalone login, we’ll know your email.
    You can use a fake email, it's your choice, and how we use your address is described above.
  • If you use Steam login, we’ll know your steam name and steam id.

How do you store my password?

Your password isn’t stored in our DB directly. Instead, we store a HASH (using SHA-512)
generated on the basis of your password and some salt. So no one – not even us – can get your password,
don’t worry.

I changed my name in game, how can i change it here on site?

You can re-verify your account, it will take your name from forum.
If forum still displays your old name, just relogin.
If nothing helps, send us a mail with your old name and new one. (mailto: